Italy, Adamello massif, southern areas

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The Adamello massif is a mountain range in the Italian Alps, located in the provinces of Trento (Adamello-Brenta) and Brescia; it is a protected area, under the two different provinces (the two green areas on the picture) and, today, minerals search is strictly forbidden.
The nucleus of the Group is a plutonic intrusion made of granite rocks (granodiorite; tonalite around the nucleus). A lot of minerals are found in the metamorphic rocks, the older calcareous formations transformed by the magma intruding, cooling down and consolidating



Augite var fassaite
XX up to 2 cm, from a calcite vein (dissolved with acid). These pieces, from the Adamello massif, are quite similar to the old ones coming from Monti Monzoni
Costone di Val Bona, Breno, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.451

2nd photo
3rd photo


A lot of XX in the fassaite vein. This minerals - belonging to the mica group - is still known with the name of xantofillite (xantophillite). The piece (association between fassaite and clintonite) is typical from this locality, in the southern part of Adamello
Lago della Vacca, Braone, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.974

Another photo: a bigger view


Group of 4 XX, the biggest is 4cm long on edge. The XX are posted in a cavity of the corroded calcite (as it is clearer in the next photo, piece n.320). Repaired
Monte Coppo, Val Malga, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.122

Another photo: bigger view


Twinned XX, edge up to 1.8 cm, in a cavity of corroded calcite. There are some other smaller and deformed pyrite XX
Monte Coppo, Val Malga, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.320


On the top of a mass of calcite there is a X - edge: 2.5 cm - that shows the cubic striated face, but with a more complex shape (see the 2nd photo)
Monte Coppo, Val Malga, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.379

Another photo: a different point of view


Octahedron 0.6cm edge, corroded, immersed in calcite with an unidentified minerals, maybe humite, orange and massive 
Monte Colombč (Val Saviore side), Brescia. Italy

Specimen n.674

Another photo: a bigger view



Thin needles of thaumasite
, posted in wollastonite cavity. From a locality now exausted
Alpe Bazena, passo Croce Domini, Brescia. Italy

Specimen n.507

Another photo: a bigger view on detail
Another photo: a bigger view



Thin needles grouped in rosettes, 1.5 cm wide, immersed in calcite, in the deeply metamorphosed rock. This mineral can easily be found near the village of Niardo
Niardo, Brescia. Italy

Specimen n.241

Another photo: entire piece



X, edge 1cm, in calcite with fassaite microcrystalline. It shows the  nearly tabular shape, typical of cornubianites and calcephires in the metamorphic ring of Adamello mountains. Dosso degli Areti is one of the most famous place for the Adamello vesuvianite 
Dosso degli Areti, Braone, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.136


X, 1.7cm wide, in calcite, well defined but with a stocky shape. It is another typical piece from Dosso degli Areti
Dosso degli Areti, Braone, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.138

2nd photo


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