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Corroded XX of chalcopyrite on quartz, the bigger X is 1.3x1 cm. This piece comes from a quarry where a quartz vein with sulphides was found in the '80s.
Neve quarry, Masso, Sestri Levante, Genova. Italy
Specimen n.894

2nd photo

Unusual cubic XX of black magnetite; the edge is up to 0.1 cm long
Monte Rocchetta, Mezzanego, Genova. Italy
Specimen n.560

2nd photo
3rd photo
4th photo: entire piece


An old piece (probably thomsonite-ca), with two generations: yellow globules up to 0.7cm wide - now impossible to find - and smaller spheres (0.1cm) pale blue to gray. The yellow color is due to other minerals encrustation (I have been told it could be tobermorite or tacharanite...? definitively, I do not know ); nice contrast on the white matrix and an old classic from this locality
Rio Pian del Fo, Tiglieto, Genova. Italy
Specimen n.677

Another photo: entire piece

Skeletal quartz, with solid and liquid inclusions
5x12.5 cm
Rocchetta Neriva, Imperia. Italy
Specimen n.1356

2nd photo
3rd photo


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