Italy, Lombardia, Brescia prov., Val Trompia

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A long valley, north of Brescia, with old and now inactive iron and fluorite mines



Pale blue "flos ferri" formation (3 cm high) on a base of white aragonite. From an ancient tunnel in the old mines area
San Colombano, Collio, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.253

2nd photo: a bigger view


Curious specimen: black to yellowish aragonite with white tips; at the base (see the 2nd photo, on the right) some dendritic drawings due to Mg oxides
San Colombano, Collio, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.255

2nd photo: a bigger view


White "flos ferri" formation, around 2 cm high, from an ancient iron mine (now a dangerous gallery). Strong contrast between white tips and black base, rich in Mg oxides
Galleria Isola, Ca' Zermanin, Collio, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.193


Strange formation of aragonite, with double generation and different orange color intensity. From an old tunnel near the border with Valle Camonica
Alfredo mine, Bovegno, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.1408

2nd photo: back of piece with growth patterns


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