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Varese prov.

Small XX of ankerite (I am not sure) on matrix with some smoked quartz XX
Cuasso al Monte, Varese. Italy
Specimen n.953

2nd photo


Scepter quartz, 5 cm tall, smoked, with pale amethyst tips. It is worth to say that inside one tip there is a fluid inclusion, and it is easy to see water (and gas?) moving in the internal cavity (about 0.5/0.7 cm long)
Cuasso al Monte, Varese. Italy
Specimen n.518


Perfect rhombs of calcite, on matrix. The one in evidence is 3.8 cm wide and is on the top of smaller calcite XX, in a sort of mushroom-like formation. The piece comes from an old (forgotten) quarry, north of Varese, that provided very nice specimens
Bisuschio, Varese. Italy
Specimen n.877

2nd photo: entire piece
3rd photo
4th photo

Brescia prov.


Thin prismatic XX up to 0.6 cm, malformed and contorted, extracted from a calcite vein in a quartz massive block
Baitello mine, Pisogne, Brescia. Italy
Specimen n.783

2nd photo: bigger view

Microcrystalline orange aggregate of this rare mineral. From the sistematic corner of my collection
Passo dell'Alpe, monte Suvretta, Valfurva, Sondrio. Italy
Specimen n.385

Sondrio prov.


Yellowish semi-transparent X -1,7 cm wide. It comes from a landslide that occurred in 2004
Frana della Thurwieser, val Zebrý, Sondrio. Italy
Specimen n.563

2nd photo: a different view

Group of quartz XX, fat but undamaged, covered by a yellow coating, with iridescent reflections
Valle Spuga, Sondrio. Italy
Specimen n.1013


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