Italy, Toscana, Livorno prov., other areas

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Gypsum (selenite)
XX up to 8cm long, dark for carboniosus inclusions. It is a typical sample from this place, where gypsum XX are grown on rusted pieces of the big iron pipelines of stream of a local chemical industry
Rosignano Marittimo, Livorno. Italy
Specimen n.574


Colorless vitreous spheres up to 0.3 cm on carbonatic rocks Mg rich. From this locality (the mineral is localized in a magnesite occurrence) also cubes comes, but more uncommonly
Fortullino, Rosignano Marittimo, Livorno. Italy
Specimen n.238



Brown XX of sphalerite, up 1 cm wide, semitransparent. The XX are posted on quartz XX; they came from a locality with mineralized vugs in quartz veins
Campo di Sasso, Bibbona, Livorno. Italy
Specimen n.1306


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