Italy, Toscana, Arezzo prov., Levane

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Near Levane, aragonite and kutnohorite in calcareous nodules are the minerals to be found. Because the minerals occur on agricultural land, it is necessary to obtain permission from the landowner before collecting. Minerals are found in cavities within rounded calcareous nodules



Small geode with acicular XX of colorless aragonite up to 0.2cm, a typical formation from this locality
Levane, Valdarno, Arezzo. Italy
Specimen n.199


Shallow cavity with hemispherical black kutnohorite masses and small elongated XX of colorless aragonite. In this locality the mineral is quite different from the white formation found otherwhere (I have a kutnohorite piece from Gambatesa mine); the
color is glossy-black due to iron and manganese oxide crusts

Levane, Valdarno, Arezzo. Italy
Specimen n.51

Another photo: entire piece


Piece of a cavity with kutnohorite and aragonite.
The micromasses are saddle-shaped, a feature typical of dolomite (which has the same structure as kutnohorite). In the next photo there is the other part of the cavity
Levane, Valdarno, Arezzo. Italy
Specimen n.128



Specimen n.128. The entire piece. In the next photos details of black kutnohorite balls amongst aragonite XX




Concretionary radiating nodule; it is blue and has cavities lined with bright blue vivianite micro XX. In the next photo the center of the nodule, with very small XX of vivianite; in the last photo the two half-nodules
Levane, Valdarno, Arezzo. Italy
Specimen n.1315




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