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Belluno prov. 


Needles of XX up to 3cm, in a cavity, 5.5x4.3cm wide. It is a typical to find cavities filled with aragonite in the Triassic sandstone (arenaria, from the so called "Werfen Formation") of this area
10x15 cm
Voltago Agordino, Agordo, Belluno. Italy
Specimen n.192

2nd photo
3rd photo


Complex shaped XX, up to 2cm, on a carpet of dolomite XX. It is known with the local name of focobonite, from the locality it comes from
Val Focobon, Falcade, Belluno. Italy
Specimen n.165

Another photo: entire specimen

Schalenoedron of yellowish opaque calcite XX up to 4.3 cm
Campo Boaro, Vold di Prą (rifugio Rosetta), Belluno. Italy
Specimen n.1473

2nd photo

Padova prov.


Big geode of botryoidal masses of chalcedony, a microcrystalline variety of quartz (recently defined as - often - a mixture of quartz and moganite, another silica mineral). There is some green coating of celadonite. This specimen comes from the area of the old perlite quarry
Torreglia, Abano Terme, Padova. Italy
Specimen n.504

2nd photo: bigger image

Vicenza prov. 


Mass of needles of this rare manganese mineral. In this pieces the mineral  was found immersed in calcite, removed with acid. It is commonly found in the Monte Civillina manganese deposit (old prospects)
Monte Civillina, Recoaro Terme, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.499

Another photo: a bigger view


Nodule of small pyrite XX, 4.8 x 3 cm wide, in the schist
Traforo Schio-Valdagno, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.847

Quartz var amethist
Small purple XX

Monte Civillina, Recoaro Terme, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.995

2nd photo
3rd photo
4th photo


Pink compact rodonite covering globes made of lamellar calcite, in a cavity 5.5x4 cm wide. Another typical sample of the Monte Civillina mg deposit
Monte Civillina, Recoaro Terme, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.499

2nd photo



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