Italy, Veneto, minerals from the volcanic formations

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Veneto is a large region: in this section I separate the north (Belluno prov) from the center and south (Vicenza and Verona and Vicenza prov). Specimens here came from volcanic rocks

Belluno prov.


Elongated XX, pink colored, with some analcime XX, visible on the right in the 2nd photo. From volcanic rocks formations, with mineralized sites, both in the Trento prov. and in the Belluno prov
Monte Migogn, Marmolada group, Belluno. Italy
Specimen n.809

Another photo: a bigger view


Surface of rock, reddish for iron presence, covered by XX of "chabazite" completely transparent, up to 0.3cm wide
Falcade, Belluno. Italy
Specimen n.32

Another photo: entire piece


Radial white XX on calcite in basaltic rock
Valle del Focobon, Canale di Agordo, Belluno. Italy
Specimen n.48

2nd photo
3rd photo

Verona and Vicenza prov.


Single X, edge 0.8 cm long, in a cavity (6.5x4.5 cm wide) of the basaltic roc, filled with natrolite needles. From an old basalt quarry, famous for nice basalt column 
Gambellara, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.500

Another photo: entire piece


"Chabazite" var phacolite
Rounded aggregate of small phacolite XX, 0.3cm wide, in a cavity filled with micro-XX of pinkish harmotome
Fittą, Soave, Verona. Italy
Specimen n.899


Typical ferrierite XX from the an old Italian locality
Tretto di Schio, Val Timonchiello, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.781

Another photo: a bigger view


Small white XX of garronite, in cavities of the rock with microcrystalline analcime
Torrente Chiavon Nero, Fara Vicentina, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.1174


Hexagonal XX, up to 0.8cm wide, in a cavity of the rock with small nodules of other zeolites. Gmelinite is a series of mineral (divided in the calcium, sodium, potassium rich members) and Montecchio Maggiore (Montenero hill) is the Type Locality (together with another place in Northern Ireland)
Montecchio Maggiore, Altavilla, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.509

2nd photo: entire piece


Some XX, up to 0.6cm wide
Contrada Bagattei, Vestenanuova, Verona. Italy
Specimen n.235

Another photo: a bigger view


Well defined XX, up to 0.7cm wide, in a cavity of the basaltic rock
Contrada Bagattei, Vestenanuova, Verona. Italy
Specimen n.1430


White balls of gonnardite, 0.5cm wide, on basaltic matrix covered by microcrystalline analcime. There is a debate on structural relationship between gonnardite and tetranatrolite, that remains controversial
Torrente Chiavon Nero, Fara Vicentina, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.233

Another photo: detail of piece



Previously called arduinite, from this type locality. The formation of red radial XX is 2.2x1.3cm wide, with compact calcite, in basalt. One of my old findings from this valley
Val Zuccanti, Torrebelvicino, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.33


Needle-shaped XX up to 1.4cm, in a cavity of the basaltic rock, from an old quarry (see also the next and bigger piece) 
Altavilla Vicentina, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.31 

2nd photo
3rd photo


Cavity in basalt entirely covered by small tufts of needles up to 0.6cm; the cavity is 8.5x6cm. From the classic site of Altavilla Vicentina (basalt quarry, now closed)
Altavilla Vicentina, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.247

Another photo: bigger view

Aggregate of pale pink balls with radial fibrous XX, a typical formation for contact areas in this location
Grolla quarry, Spagnago, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.58

Another photo: entire piece


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