Italy, Veneto, Vicenza and Verona prov, harmotome and phillipsite

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Verona and Vicenza areas are well known for zeolites specimens, occurring in geodes and fractures of basaltic volcanic rocks of the Tertiary ages. Amongst these zeolites I have some nice pieces of harmotome and phillipsite.
hillipsite-harmotome series minerals are difficult to distuinguish



Group of rounded formations made of radiating prismatic XX. Minerals from the harmotome-phillipsite series are difficult to distinguish, but from this locality the orange mineral is always armotome; phillipsite is white
Contrada Segani, Arzignano, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.803

It is typical from this locality, to show a strong red inner part


Another piece of armotome: a lot of balls on the volcanic rock
Contrada Segani, Arzignano, Vicenza. Italy
Specimen n.1019

2nd photo


Combination of orange rhombic XX, about 0.5cm wide; harmotome is always twinned. This kind of specimen - from this locality - was also known with the old  name of "wellsite", discredited by IMA (International Mineralogical Association) in 1997: today is either barian philipsite-Ca or calcian harmotome. The piece cames from the basaltic occurrences along the route to monte Calvarina
Calvarina mt, Roncą, Verona. Italy
Specimen n.234


Rounded formation of prismatic pink XX, 0.9 cm wide
Monte Castellaro, Monteforte d'Alpone, Verona. Italy
Specimen n.237

2nd photo
3rd photo

Rounded aggregate of "phillipsite". It could be phillipsite-Ca ricn in Ba. Specimens from this place are usually classified as "phillipsite"
Calvarina Mt., Roncą, VeronaItaly
Specimen n.525

2nd photo: entire piece


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