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Indigo-blue metallic covellite, pseudomorph after chalcopirite XX, with quartz
Laki mine, Rhodope Mt., Plovdiv Oblast. Bulgaria
Specimen n.401

2nd photo
3rd photo: view on covellite

Octahedral XX, max edge 0.4cm. The XX are opaque and bright, typical but not common, from this granodiorite quarry with hydrothermal veins of carbonates and fluorite-baryte mineralization. The pinkish XX, particularly clear in the 3rd photo, is laumontite that - I have been told - is common in this quarry. There are some elongated brown calcite XX with 2nd generation calcite

Litice nad Orlici quarry, Zamberk, Bohemia. Czech Rep.
Specimen n.421

2nd photo
3rd photo


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