Fluorescent minerals

Selection of images from my collection. Fernando Metelli. All photos and other material on this site are copyright, if you wish to use them please contact me for permission

Fluorescence is a curious phenomenon; some of my pieces are fluorescent and I show a representative selection


The baryte n.38 specimen under long W. Fluorite is fluorescent in blue, calcite is not fluorescent, baryte is blue-green (clearer than it appears in the photo).  
Baryte is also phosphorescent, with a soft  yellow light  that lasts few seconds


The n.38 specimen under short W. Calcite is vividly fluorescent in red, the yellow tone of baryte is stronger


Opal var hyalite
Encrusting colorless globular concretion (under short W) on the andesitic rock; fluorescence due to the presence of uranium
Sant'Antioco, Carbonia-Iglesias. Italy
Specimen n.86


Specimen n.under long W: it is the typical fluorescence of the English Rogerley mine fluorite


Specimen n.420 (fluorite from El Papiol, Spain) under long W


Specimen n.424 (fluorite from Meknes, Morocco) under long W. It is the most vivid fluorescent fluorite in my collection

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